Happy Pride!If you're trans, you already know that transgender people have the same medical needs as anyone else in most regards, which is news to some cis folks. Trans people get colds, sore throats, and the common flu -- just like anyone else. But transgender health care also includes special considerations that cisgender people might not think of. One of these important health concerns is HIV/AIDS prevention and PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis.

When we talk about PrEP, the conversation often turns to the concerns of cis men who have sex with men (MSM) rather than toward the transgender community. But the truth is that gender-diverse people of any gender identity can face increased risks of HIV in their lives, meaning that PrEP is essential for us, too.

At PrEP2Me, we know that transgender patients have unique needs, and we've made it our mission to make sure those needs are addressed. We offer a simple, user-friendly way to get your PrEP prescription online and have it delivered quickly and discreetly to your door, removing barriers that may otherwise leave you unprotected.

Here are some important things for transgender people to know about why they should start PrEP today:

What is PrEP?

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a medication that you take every day in the form of a pill. It works by blocking HIV from entering your body and infecting healthy cells. When taken consistently, it can reduce your risk of getting HIV by 99%. That's why it's recommended for anyone who is at a moderate to high risk of HIV, including transgender people.

Why should trans people take PrEP?

Statistics show that trans people are among the groups who are at the highest risk for HIV/AIDS. This is especially true for transgender women: 42% of trans women interviewed across seven major US cities(opens in a new tab) reported that they were HIV-positive.

There are many reasons why the transgender community may be more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, from limited access to health care and discrimination in health settings to an increased rate of participation in sex work and a higher rate of mental health struggles.

Because of these factors, it's important for trans people to take PrEP if they are at moderate or high risk. This includes anyone who is/has:

  • Had unprotected sex with someone of unknown HIV status 
  • Been in an ongoing relationship where either partner is HIV positive 
  • Participated in any activity that may put them at risk of HIV, such as sharing needles or using drugs 

Three Reasons Why You Should Start PrEP Now

Orientation Doesn't Determine Risk

Gender 101: gender identity refers not to the people you sleep with, but your own self-identified gender. If you're trans, you know this, but it's important to understand that being trans isn't inherently the thing that can increase your risk of HIV. HIV and other STIs that disproportionately affect the LGBTQ+ community are issues of sexual health. If you're a gay trans man who has sex with men, you need PrEP as much as a trans lesbian who has sex with other trans women.

PrEP Doesn't Interact With Hormone Therapy

For many transgender people, taking gender affirmation measures like hormone replacement therapy is a huge step toward living authentically. If you're on HRT, you may have concerns that having to take PrEP might interfere with your hormone levels or vice versa. Fortunately, studies have found that it doesn't interact with hormone therapy, so you can take PrEP safely without meddling with your hormones.

You Deserve to Be Safe

Above all, we firmly believe in transgender equality, safety, and joy in sex. That means that every member of the LGBTQ+ community deserves access to PrEP without judgment, stigma, or shame, including transgender persons. Taking PrEP is a big step toward protecting yourself and your health -- and at PrEP2Me, we're here to make sure you get the care and respect you deserve while doing so.

Get PrEP Online With PrEP2Me

At PrEP2Me, we understand that trans people face unique risks in terms of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. That's why we're committed to providing a secure, easy way for transgender patients to get the protection they need with our convenient online prescription process.

With PrEP2Me, you have access to an easy, accessible online PrEP delivery service that includes an initial at-home STI test that can grant you peace of mind and help us determine if you’re ready to start PrEP. We’ll help you get the meds you need regardless of your insurance situation -- all we care about is keeping you safe! To get started, just fill out our online form.

If you believe you may have had a high-risk encounter, you’re in the Western Pennsylvania area, and you would like to get tested for HIV, visit the culturally competent clinic at Central Outreach Wellness Center.

At PrEP2Me, we make the prevention of HIV and AIDS simple and accessible to all!