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A Guide to PrEP for Transgender Men

PrEP can play an invaluable role in protecting the health of transmasculine people who might be at risk for HIV infection. C…


HIV Prevention in Ohio: Why Online PrEP is Right for You

HIV remains a public health issue in Ohio. Here’s how online PrEP prescriptions can help Ohioans like you stay protected.


5 Reasons to Start PrEP for Pride

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PEP vs PrEP: Which One Do You Need?

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Exploring the Benefits of Online PrEP Prescriptions

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Understanding Untransmissable Status: Should You Still Take PrEP?

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PrEP & Transgender Patients: Here's What You Should Know

Stop your searches for "lgbtq doctor near me". At PrEP2Me, we offer a simple, user-friendly way to get your PrEP prescriptio…


HIV in Pennsylvania: What PA Residents Need to Know

Stop your searches for "hiv testing near me". At PrEP2Me, we are committed to helping Pennsylvania residents access the HIV …


LGBTQ Mental Health Care: Staying Healthy During the Holidays

At PrEP2Me, we offer a discreet, simple resource for getting your PrEP prescription online and connecting with LGBTQ-friendl…